Trapped in a New Dimension

In a hospital bed, now crumbled,

the parameters of a familiar world

on a voyage of painful

self – discovery.

Yesterday, he was trundled in,

Followed by a worried wife

distraught, dull-eyed , weary.


Today their world is spliced open

to encompass a new dimension;

In a pitiless probe it has been

now revealed:

Too many white cells, in his blood

and the red corpuscles way too few –

She had thought all blood was red,

She never knew.

The landscape changed thus for them,

in one fell blow.


She looked at him in secret fear

He, who was so familiar,

How could they say his blood

had changed? his  spectacles reposed

on his huge, hooked and spotty  nose,

The same beloved, sober  face:

He had not changed,

Snored loud , burped long,

He was the same:

She prayed it was not, it could not be,

The beginning of the end.


Trapped in this new dimension

That she could not comprehend,

With trembling hands she

carried out an old familiar task:

pouring out  his tea for him,

from their old familiar flask.