Poetry and fiction

Member of the EWC since 2011

Sakuntala started writing as a child, writing stories and picture stories that never had endings except for the stories she wrote for  the school magazine at Visakha Vidyalaya. In  her teens she started writing poetry. Always secretive about what she wrote, she never showed her poems to anyone except her husband, and that too in her twenties. She did not think of publishing her poetry until quite late in life when she joined the Wadiya English  Writers’ Workshop  where interaction with fellow writers gave her confidence.

She started writing children’s stories for the amusement  of her son who was about eleven years old at the time. She also illustrated these stories which were accepted for publication by The Island newspaper. She was given the organization and management of the weekly  children’s page of that newspaper which she handled for several years. She published three series of children’s stories in the Children’s Page , viz., “Letters From Bilindu”,  “Dear Diary” and “Tales From The Land of Snouts And Whiskers” and several of her own children’s poems.

She later published a children’s story  book , “Tales From The Tree House”.

She collated and  published some of her poetry in a book entitled “On The Streets And Other Revelations”  in 2010. This book won the Graetian Award for English Literature for the year 2010.

In 2011 she  became a member of the English Writers’ Co-operative of Sri Lanka.

In 2012, she published another children’s book “The Adventures of Sokadi The Line – room Mouse”.

In 2014 she  published a further collection of  her poems  entitled “Sedahamy ,.Selvakumari And Others”.

She is in the process of writing another children’s book and a novel..

Sakuntala had her formal education at Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo and Sri Lanka Law College.

She is a lawyer by profession.  The invaluable experience and diverse perspectives afforded by her work in this profession have had their influence on her literary work.  Her stint at The Janatha Estates Development Board was a major influence.  .


1.TALES FROM THE TREE HOUSE- children’s book  (illustrated by her)  (Wits Associates/Samayawardena Printers) -2009

2.ON THE STREETS AND OTHER REVELATIONS (poetry) (Godage International Publishers (PVT ) Ltd)   – 2010

3.THE ADVENTURES OF SOKADI THE LINE ROOM MOUSE – children’s book  (illustrated  by her ((Godage International Publishers (PVT ) Ltd)  – 2012

4.SEDAHAMY SELVAKUMARI AND OTHERS – poetry (S.Godage & Brothers)

Magazines and Journals
Numerous poems in The Ceylon Observer, The Times of Ceylon, The Daily News and poems and short stories in Channels magazine of The English Writers’ Co-operative
Awards and Achievements
Graetian Prize for English Literature Sri Lanka in 2010
Immediately after  winning the Gratiaen Prize she was interviewed by The Daily News, Daily Mirror and The Sunday Times .More recently she was interviewed by The Sunday Leader .This year she was interviewed by Devika Guneratne for Ceylon Today in connection with the book Sedahamy Selvakumari And Others and the interview and a review of the book by her appeared in the paper on 14th June 2015.
Other Interests
Apart from being an avid reader and a  writer,  she is also an artist and has worked in water colours and oils. She is very fond of children having two grown, married  offspring of her own  and being the grand mother of  one grandson, and enjoys the company of children  very much .Shei s also fond of  animals and Nature and her main hobbies are  gardening and looking after her pets.

She is at present writing another children’s book and a novel.