Nanda 2

Member of the EWC since 2002.

Secretary from 2012 through 2014; Editor of the double issue of Channels 17&18 (2011 & 2012)

Came into creative writing when her two children were independent of her care in the 1980s. Her feature articles were first published in the Women’s Page of the Daily News with Vijita Fernando Editor. She was invited to be a columnist in the Sunday Island by the then Chief Editor Gamini Weerakoon. The conversation including the invitation and acceptance was noteworthy – it was in competition with the band at a dance of the school she belonged to from Baby Class to the University Entrance class – Girls” High School Kandy.  This was sixteen years ago and she still writes the column unfailingly – People & Events, even when on holiday overseas or unwell. Manik de Silva, Chief Editor,  requests her to interview visiting dignitaries and politicians. In addition to her weekly column she often writes reviews of films and books.

She also has columns in a Saturday newspaper and another Sunday paper; details withheld as she writes pseudonymously.

She has submitted short stories to the H E Bates Competition (UK), invited to do so after her first attempt four years ago. Her entry to the TLC Creative, a British literary organization, had her receiving a certificate ‘Highly Recommended’ in October 2008.

A number of articles, sent unsolicited and assigned, have been published in Serendib, the in-flight magazine of Sri Lankan. More articles have been published in the monthly journal Travel Mag. She has been published in Library Review, the official annual publication of the Sri Lanka Library Association.

Education: Nanda followed a science course of study in school since her brother’s ambition for her was medicine. This she dodged and got married instead. But she went into studies in the late 1970s and earned a BA honours degree reading English literature, Western classical culture and economics from the University of Peradeniya External Services. Also a post-graduate diploma in International Relations from the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies.

She holds the professional qualification in library and information science from the UK Library Association and is a Fellow of the Sri Lanka Library Association.


Teacher for twenty years

Information officer cum librarian at National Science Council; Overseas School of Colombo; the British Council; Save the Children (UK) (Editor); Centre for the Study of Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo.

Awards: The Mallet All Round Prize and other prizes while at school

The B A  Siriwardhena  Columnist of the Year – English Journalism Awards for Excellence  – 2008; awarded by the Sri Lanka Press Institute.

Interests: People  – meeting them or studying them; films

Palimpsest (creative writing) Col.: General Printing Ltd. 1999

Sri Lanka: idyllic island   Singapore: Times Media Ltd.   2002. First published as Cultures of the World: Sri Lanka 1991

Culture Shock Sri Lanka (co-author) Singapore: Cavendish 1990 revised  1994, 1998, 2006

Handbook for School Librarians in Sri Lanka Colombo:  Godage Pub. 2002

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Parallel lives (novel) – do – 2015