Short stories, journalism, broadcasting.

Member of EWC since 2008.

Having shown promise in school as a writer in English, she had decided that Journalism would be her future, especially after she won a prize for a story in the Children’s Magazine of a Newspaper.

However, at the point of  choosing her career she got deflected to Broadcasting, and joined  Radio Ceylon and functioned as a news presenter, feature writer and producer in the English Services.

Radio, before the advent of television, carried many spoken –word programs, and  she was able to make good use of her writing skills as well as her voice.

The scripts she wrote included profiles of Famous people on their anniversaries,  features for   Skakespeare Day, Dramatised Sketches for Christmas (annually), a series on Sri Lankan history- “History Happened  Here”, a series on “Habitat”- (environment) “Roads at Random”-(travel). At the same time she was able to contribute to the Press as well. The Arts and Culture magazine edited by  Sivakumaran,in a leading English Newspaper carried  her book  reviews under the pseudonym  “Bookworm”, and  theatre reviews  under “ The Theatregoer.” Her best feature she considers her documentary on DR. R.L. Brohier, Surveyer General, his Life and Work, on the occasion of the issue of a stamp in his honour. A Radio version went on the air on the day of its publication in the press.

When Radio Ceylon became The Sri Lanka Broadcasting  Corporation, she joined the Administration, and in 1991,retired as the Director of English Services  and Training.

Since her retirement, she has been occupied with  teaching and media training, and writing.

She joined the E.W.C. in 2008 , where she contributes regularly to  their activities, and to  Channels. To date her  short  stories are –“Investigative Journalism”, “Mintaka”, “ The Gift”, “Footsteps,” and “The Family Secret”.

 General /Qualifications

Myrle Walpola Williams  was educated at Methodist College, and obtained her B.A. from the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya.  Professional qualifications include Diplomas in Broadcasting  Administration from Deutsche Welle. The Voice of Germany, and Radio Training  from the  Asia-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development ,Kuala lampur.


ZONTA  International  awarded her the “Woman of Achievement “ (Radio) in 1993. And she was given the Unda Award for a Lifetime in Radio by the  FR. Joe Neththasinghe Institute.

Besides writing, she  is  interested in the theatre . She also does copy checking and editing  on a professional basis.