A Cry for Freedom


A loud piercing  cry

I make

Hanging onto the common wall—a mesh

My neighbor’s attention I do try,

Who is carousing and flapping with the mate

Yet no one listens

No one cares

I long

Long……for freedom.


Soul mate I lost

Parting which I cannot bear

Doubles my agony in confinement

Loneliness I cannot bear

No one cares for my pathetic plight.

I long

Long……..for freedom


With wide eyed wonder

They all come and stare

My vivid bright colors

Red ,  green, yellow

Mingle in the dappled light

To enchant and fascinate

Who dare. Click, click….click …click

I’m a green winged macaw

Caught in a snare

Born to blend with nature

With freedom to soar.