One Serene moonlit night

Mala had an eerie visitor

A Monstrous toad with bulging eyes

Hopped into her humble home

And croaked plaintively

“Beautiful lady I was a powerful man

Amassing wealth by unscrupulous means

Until the Devas turned me into a toad

To punish me for my rapacity.

A kiss from you sweet lady

Will turn me into a man again.

I will give you all my wealth,

My mansion, my Jaguar and my chauffeur

In return for your kiss”, he beseeched

With tears in his bulging eyes

Besotted by the vision of herself

The mistress of a grand house

and a posh chauffeur driven car

Mala kissed the loathsome creature.

Lo and behold! the monstrous toad

Had become a handsome young man.


But alas! Mala had turned into a toad

Punished by the Devas for her rapacity.


Her beauty lost no man would ever kiss her.

Without wealth she had no bargaining power.

Painfully ugly, dirt poor, bereft of hope

Mala was destined to spend her life

Hopping around her humble home

With tears in her bulging eyes.